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The beauty of having trees in your home is unmatched. Having a tree means having a naturally-shaded lounge area, a place to build a treehouse, and a place you can tie a tire swing.

The importance of Tree Trimming
To show some love to your trees, you need to ensure that they are trimmed or pruned regularly. Sometimes the branches need to be cut off to ensure that the tree remains healthy and your family remains safe. The Department of Agriculture (USDA) states that trees need to be pruned for safety, then for health, and finally for aesthetics.

Safety: Tree trimming mobile AL ensures that it removes branches that may pose a risk to property or people. Some branches are big enough to cause severe damage. Our experienced arborist will point out risky branches and cut them off safely.

Tree health: Tree trimming helps to cut off diseased branches, keeping the rest of the tree healthy. Tree trimming also helps the tree to have a stronger core that can withstand time and elements.

Aesthetics: Tree trimming adds beauty to the appearance of your tree. It also improves fruit and flower production.

How Often Should You Do Tree Trimming
We advise you to trim and prune your trees at least once every year or 2 years in the dormant season. The number of times can vary depending on the species of the tree. Such circumstances should alarm you to call for a tree trimming service in Mobile, AL:

  • When the growth of the tree bars visibility for road users, especially at intersections.
  • When the tree branches are too close to power lines or when they interfere with them. In such a scenario, you should ensure you call a profession.
  • The tree's growth poses a risk to you and your property. If the tree's branches look like it has extended its reach so much or the branch shows signs of falling off, you need to call a professional arborist to trim your tree. Our arborists at Tree Service Mobile AL will trim such a tree with care without causing more damage.

How to Safely Trim Your Tree
When tree trimming, tree pruning, or tree cutting, the most critical rule is personal safety. With many technicalities involved when caring for your trees, the only safest way to care for your trees is by working with a tree service mobile AL professional. Tree trimming may require climbing, like climbing a ladder, and this can put you at various numbers of risks, you should not even imagine them. Just contact us; we help you with tree trimming service in Alabama.

However, if you decide to trim the trees on your own, the USDA has these size recommendations to help you determine whether it is safe or not:

- Branches with a diameter of 5 centimeters (2 inches): proceed to trim.
- Branches with a diameter of 5-10 centimeters (2-4inches): Think to reconsider.
- Branches with a diameter of over 10 centimeters (over 4 inches): Use an arborist.

To be safe and to get the best trimming and tree care services, Call Tree Service Mobile for safe, fast, quality, and affordable tree trimming mobile service AL.

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