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Trees are Mother Nature masterpieces that beautify your backyard. They are comforting, beautiful, and sometimes they become family. Therefore, removing a tree from your property, and from your life, could be a tough decision to make. But if a tree poses a risk to the property and people enjoying its beauty and shade, the best thing to do is to leave its fate in mobile tree removal experts' hands. It may be hard for an untrained eye to discover that a tree poses safety risks. Below are some tell-tale signs that you need tree removal. 

Signs That You Need to Remove a Tree
The process of diagnosing a dangerous tree involves the help of two parties; you and your arborist. 

Dead tree: To discover your tree's condition, start by scratching a small section of bark from a few twigs of the tree. If you notice that the layer underneath is brown and dry, your tree could be dead or unhealthy. Other signs include:

  • Decay-producing fungi like mushrooms growing at the lower part of the trunk
  • Peeling bark and cracked trunks
  • Scaffold branches 
  • Dead branches on the upper crown

Unhealthy tree: Just like humans, trees can also be infected with several diseases. An ailing tree can be trouble to the owner since it may shed many leaves more than usual, and it can also become brittle. The infections can also lead to the death of the tree. 

Storm damage: Heavy storms that have strong winds are prominent. A massive storm can lead to broken branches, bent trunk, lightning damage, and more. A storm can make the entire tree fall. Depending on how severe the storm has affected your tree, tree removal service Mobile AL could be an option to consider. 

Falling branches: Several underlying reasons could lead to falling branches. However, one thing that is a fact is that falling branches can have serious consequences. With such a tree, you should consider your property's safety and its occupants by requesting tree trimming or tree removal service.  

If it is risky in some way: If one of the trees in your property shows any signs that pose a risk or bodily harm or property harm in a way that we have not mentioned here, then it is best to call our professional Tree removal service Mobile AL. You may be tempted to rectify the problems on your own, but we strongly advise against such actions for your safety and the safety of your property. Attempting a DIY tree removal poses serious risks. 

Risks of DIY tree removal

Improper equipment: tree removal needs a professional that wears protective gear on the whole body. Tree removal also needs someone trained on work with equipment like cranes, chain saws, wood chippers, and ropes. A homeowner without such gear and skills puts their life on the line when attempting a DIY tree removal.  

Gravity: once the tree starts falling, you can't control where it will fall. The tree might fall in a direction you don’t expect, even if you try securing it with ropes. An inaccurate judgement could result in the tree falling through your house, power lines, on people, or yourself. 

Homeowners shouldn't attempt tree removal on their own, it's not worth the risk, and it may cause more problems. Feel free to give us a call for your tree removal needs and questions.

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