Stump Grinding

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After the heavy hustle of removing a tree, you will be left with a sturdy stump behind that was once the anchor of your tree.

Looking at the stump leaves you with questions about what you should do next. Should you leave it untouched? It can be dangerous, and it is quite an eyesore. Should you consider stump removal? You can. Should you consider stump grinding? You can. The best thing you can do to your yard is doing away with the stump either by removing it or grinding it. Leaving the stump untouched will not do you and your landscape any good; in fact, it poses many risks like harboring pests and diseases, causes accidents, prevents you from planting other trees, and it is unsightly.

Tree Service Mobile that offers the best tree service in Mobile AL, will help you decide the best way to clear the stump.

Why choose stump grinding over stump removal?
Stump grinding and stump removal both have their pros and cons. choosing which way to go depends a lot on what plans you have for your space. It takes time, a lot of effort and tools to finish the entire job. However, after a stump removal, you remain with a clean slate of land that is open to new ideas that you might be having about the landscape. Stump removal leaves behind a hole that should be filled in.

Stump removal, on the other hand, is less intensive, although it also needs professional help to do it safely and effectively. For this process, the arborist uses a machine to shred off the stump into wood chips. Grinding is more efficient than stump removal, although it leaves the roots behind. If the stump is large, the pile of cheap could be a lot, but you can reuse it for mulching other plants.

Will Roots Regrow After Stump Grinding?
While stump grinding only removes the tree's visible part, the trees of the old tree are still spread out underneath the surface. The roots can spread to up to 12 feet away from where the stump stood. The good news, after grinding, the roots will decay naturally, although the decaying process is lengthy and can take up to more than ten years. Therefore, the roots can limit you from planting another tree where the other tree was. Why?

If the roots were diseased, the disease would spread to the new plants making them brittle and unhealthy.

The roots that are decaying will change the acidity and the nutrient content of the soil. Therefore it will be difficult for the new tree to grow.

There are many things to consider before deciding which process is worth using to eliminate the stump. It would help if you considered these factors before choosing whether to do stump grinding or stump removal. Therefore, it is wise to give us a call and allow our Mobile tree service professionals to help you choose the best process. Call us today!

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