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Trees bring shade, and they beautify your property. Trees are also a source of fruits and flowers. That's not all, these Mother Nature beauties also keep an area cooler, and they provide oxygen that helps to purify the air. Even though the trees are such a wonder, there are occasions where you will need emergency tree service in Alabama. If a tree is infected with diseases or is already dead, it could pose a risk for you, your family, your property, and anyone who comes close to your property. Emergency tree removal by a tree removal Mobile AL company is the smart choice that will guarantee your property's safety. Read further to find out the most common reasons for an emergency tree removal service in Alabama.

Storm-damaged trees
While a tree can seem to be strong enough to stand a storm or heavy winds, they can be affected, and it is not easy to see the internal damage. If the tree in your backyard is old or weak, string winds from heavy storms can bring down such a tree or their branches that can, in turn, injure people or damage property. Unlike other regular trees, trees that have been damaged by the storm can have several inherent dangers like pressure points with high tension or electrocution, to mention a few. All this poses a danger to you and your property.

A branch that a potential threat to your safety
Does a branch seem to be hanging so loose that it might fall on your property or your neighbor's? Don't wait for the branch or tree to cause an accident when a storm comes. You are better off if you call for emergency tree service to analyze the situation and remove the branch or tree before it falls through your roof or over someone passing by. You should plan an emergency tree service with Tree Service Mobile Pros, and our expert crew will arrive as soon as possible to protect your property from the lurking danger.

A decayed or diseased tree
A tree that has decayed or infected by disease is a potential danger to your property and the well-being of other vegetation around. Diseased trees grow abnormally. They also have damaged roots. Once the roots are weak, the entire tree becomes weak, risking falling. Calling an emergency tree service will help prevent the disease from spreading and the tree from falling unexpectedly.

A tree is ruining the beauty of your landscape.
Do you have a dead or an overgrown tree that reduces the beauty of your garden or yard? The smartest way to go about this is calling a skilled arborist at for tree trimming and tree pruning to restore your landscape's great look.

Change of weather
Heavy rains and high winds can create havoc on weak, dead, and decaying trees, causing them to fall or the branches to snap. It is safe to ensure that you prepare your trees for the extreme weather to minimize risks on your property and ensure everyone is safe. Contact 24/7 emergency tree care services at Tree Service Mobile Pros, Alabama, to access the risk and take necessary measures to prevent the potential danger.

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